Bé nói tiếng Anh: Em thích học toán vì có nhiều ứng dụng

Hi. How are you?

I am fine, thank you. And you?

I’m good, thank you.

What’s your name?.

My name’s Nguyen Trong Phuc Hung.

Really, how old are you?

I’m 8 years old.

Yeah, what subject do you like the most?

I like math the most.

Why do you like it?

Because it’s necessary in many things. And I like to calculate the numbers.

You like calculating the numbers?


You said it’s necessary in many things. Can you name some?

Yes, if I have many numbers and it’s so big, I have to calculate to know the …

Yeah, do you know any applications in life of mathematics?

Yes. If we are doing some work about the job but I don’t know we will have to search on the computer and if it has the numbers, we can do it. Or another example like if we want to know the distance of the earth, we have to times the numbers… small.

Ok, so you can calculate the distance of the earth?


You mean?

I can know it.


So, do you like math all the time?


Do you ever think that it can be boring?

It can be boring if I do so much, because it makes me mad.

Oh, it’s gonna make you mad?


Ok, thanks for the very interesting interview.

You are welcome.


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Quang Nguyen – Phiêu Linh

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